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Marvel Manufacturing provides precision CNC machined components. Our focus is on production machining and contract manufacturing. We are also able accommodate the needs of customers that require low volume production. Our Haas VF4SS with a TRT210 5 axis rotary allows us to produce complex parts in minimal setups. This means higher throughput and the ability to machine advanced geometries that would be difficult or impossible on a traditional 3 axis mill. Our CNC turning capabilities are well suited for production of small to medium size workpieces. Along with our in-house capabilities we also have a vast network of vendors and suppliers that we partner with, which allows us to provide finished components and additional production capabilities. Our quality management system ensures our customers can expect quality, precision, and reliability in the services we provide them. 

Industries served include:

  • Fiberoptic/communications

  • Life Sciences

  • Precision optics

  • Semi-conductor

  • Metrology

  • Energy/Power distribution

  • Powersports

  • Outdoor gear

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